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You trust us to inspect your home,
trust us to watch over it while you’re away.

Benefits of a home watch service

You may ask, what are the benefits? There are a number of scenarios that can lead to property damage. Below are some of the most common issues having a home watch service can help prevent.

person opening a door with a crowbar
Creating a frequent presence to deter intruders

It’s very useful by having a weekly home watch service to create a presence around your property to hide an unoccupied absence. Your close neighbors may be out of town as well.

Prevent Potention damages

Nothing is worse than leaving an open water leak inside your home for several weeks! It starts to ruin your walls, swells up baseboards or create mold inside your home.

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Prevent insects infestations

An unoccupied home is an invitation for insects. Without a proper pest control and home watch service, it may result in infestations and other issues.

Prevent prolonged power outages with flipped breakers

It’s no secret that powerful thunderstorms are a common occurrence in Florida. Those strikes may result in outages or damages that can leave your AC or other important devices unpowered for weeks!

Earth's New Lightning Capital Revealed

Choose which service is best for you*


Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly home checks. We complete a walk through inspection and walk the outside to check the property. We’ll run the water, check the fuses and look for any signs of water leaks, or damage.


Same as our basic home watch along with key holder service. We will open up the home to contactors or service professionals when you’re not able too.


Premium home watch includes our basic home watch, key holder services and concierge. Let us take care of the details. We’ll watch your home, open it up when needed and prep it before and after you or your guests visit.

Key Holder

Maybe you don’t need home watch service, but you can’t always be there? Let us help! We can be there when you can’t.


We’ll help to make sure you and your guests can arrive and leave worry free! From turning the water on and off to having fresh linens for the beds and bath. We offer a wide range of services to customise for your needs.

Storm Prep

Need your home secured before a pending storm? Give us a call! We can bring in outside furnitrue and close or install shutters. We’re there for you before and after the storm.

*Each plan is fully customizable to suit individual needs.

What’s included in a home watch service?


Key Holder Service*
Concierge Services**

  • Empty mailbox & place packages in property
  • 365° walk around exterior
  • Check for storm damage
  • Complete exterior and interior check
  • Inspect AC, Temperature, Humidity and Air filter
  • Check Kitchen appliances
  • Check for water leaks 
  • Run water in toilets, showers and sinks.
  • Check windows and doors are locked
  • Inspect breaker box
  • Check water heating system
  • Check for insects and rodents
  • Check cage screen for damages
  • Monitor appropriate pool water level
  • Check for mold and moisture
  • Check smoke detectors for proper operation
  • Arrival Preparations**
  • Next-Day Visit after departure**
  • Monitor pool, pest and lawn care providers*
  • Water plants**
  • Start/Drive vehicle if necessary**
  • Open/close home for vendors*

We offer many other services that are customizable for your needs, simply ask!

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