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What is a 4 Point inspection?

What is A 4-Point Inspection?

A 4 Point Inspection is a visual inspection of the homes present condition. There are 4 major systems which include: Roof, Electrical System, Plumbing and HVAC.

Let’s break it down a little…

Roof: The inspector looks at the condition of the roof, type of material and if there is any visible damage or water leaks. Damage or deterioration can be described as: cracking, curling, excessive granule loss, exposed asphalt or felt, missing/loose/cracked tiles, or soft spots in the decking.

Electrical System: What type of wiring? How many Amps, and is it sufficient? The inspector will look inside the panel and check for hazards such as double taps, exposed wiring, scorching, etc. If a home has cloth wiring, aluminum, or active knob-and-tube wires, it is unlikely that it will be insurable due to fire hazards.

Plumbing: The inspector will examine all the exposed pipes and valve in the home, this includes looking under all the sinks, behind toilets, water heater, and main shutoff. What type of pipes, if they are original or if the house has been re-piped. Are all the plumbing fixtures and connections to appliances satisfactory or are there any active leaks. If polybutylene piping is discovered, coverage may be denied since it is more prone to rupture.

HVAC System: Do you have central heating and cooling in your home? When was the system installed and last serviced? Is it in good working order? Are there any hazards present such as a wood burning stove, portable space heaters used as primary heat source, is the condensate line or pan clear and without blockage or water damage?

What Can I Do To Prepare For A 4-Point Inspection?

The inspector is looking for obvious signs of health and safety hazards in the four systems described above. Preparing your home entails inspecting it for obvious safety hazards in the areas that an inspector is obligated to record.

Here are a few things you can do or keep an eye out for before your inspection:

  • The HVAC system should be operational. If you don’t already have your system regularly serviced, get it on the schedule. We give our HVAC systems a workout in Southwest Florida and having the system regularly serviced will keep you comfortable year round.
  • Is your roof in good shape? This is one of the biggest systems in your home, keep it clean and watertight. Have a roofer check it out every 12 to 18 months and make any repairs necessary, this will help prolong the life of your roof.
  • Make sure the inspector has clear access! A lot of time electric panels are hidden in closets or behind furniture, move things out of the way before hand to save time during the inspection.
  • Does your plumbing leak? Check all the exposed valves to make sure there’s no visible leaks or corrosion. Exposed valves refer to things like shut off valves usually located behind toiles, under sinks and of course the main shut off, usually outside or in a garage.

See, it’s not so bad. It’s really pretty straight forward. All in all, you take care of your home, and the insurance gods will smile down on you.

Get An Inspection! 

Buying a new house, shopping for new insurance, or recently dropped by your insurance company? If you’re a homeowner in Southwest Florida you’re probably feeling the insurance sting. So don’t wait! Schedule your inspection today.

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